Description of services

The first visit

During the first visit a full examination of ENT organs is performed: ear/nose/oro-pharyngo-laryngeal examination, palpation neck lymphnode palpation.

Please remember that it is very important to have all information about previous treatment (e.g. surgery of head and neck, thorax, gastrointestinal tract, lungs, etc.) and pharmaceutical drugs (antibiotics, diuretics, steroids, etc.), as systemic problems are the basis for many of the symptoms appearing in head and neck.

Information about previous treatment can be very useful in treatment planning (hospital information card statements), the results of imaging studies (ultrasound, X-ray, computer tomography, magnetic resonance imaging), laboratory tests (hematology and blood biochemical parameters, hormone levels in the blood etc.) and audiological research (hearing test). This information is a starting point for determining the dynamics of changes, for making a diagnosis and choosing an optimal treatment. Medical records will greatly facilitate and speed up the process the process of qualifying for the surgery, in case a treatment process includes surgical interference.

Please, prepare all your medical records for the first visit.

Consultation ENT examination, making a diagnosis, treatment assignment, additional studies, issuance of medical records 150 zł
House-call 250 zł

Performed procedures:

  • ENT smear for bacteriologic tests
  • Tracheostomy tube replacement (patient’s tube).
  • Earwax (cerumen) removal from ear.
  • Toilet of external and middle ear in case of chronic inflammation.
  • Removal of foreign bodies out of ENT.
  • Paracentesis – puncture/incision of eardrum.
  • Politzer’s maneuver – inflation of the auditory tube and middle ear with a Politzer bag.
  • Catheterisation of Eustachian (auditory) tube.
  • Sinus rinsing by Proetz method.
  • Nose polyp removal under local anesthesia.
  • Abscess treatment – discission, drainage.
  • Bandage change.
  • Suture removal.
  • Break up of ear and nasal septal hematoma
  • Nose bleed treatment
  • Upper lip and tongue frenum cutback
  • Biopsy taking for histologic examination.
  • Removal of small changes and innocent tumors on mucous coat of nose, throat, ear skin, face and neck.